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Wheel Speed Sports Spinning Bike
Check out this special product !

Wheel Speed Sports Spinning Bike Only for 3,850 EGP Wheel Speed Sports
🔘 Gives Scuba Calf Strength And Fitness
🔘 And Help You To Have The Calories And Strengthen The Muscles Of The Body Full
🔘 Wheel Speed Bear By High Weights Up To 150 Kg
🔘 Screen Digital
🔘 Hoop Ferrous Circular
🔘 Brake Handles To Increase Or Mitigate The Training Load
🔘 Seat At Various Levels Of The Possibility Of Controlling The Rising And Falling
🔘 The Possibility Of Controlling The Movement Of The Front And Back
🔘 Help To Lose Weight And Strengthen The Muscles Of The Legs
🔘 Body Lifts And Strengthens Bones
🔘 Strengthen The Muscles Of The Thighs And Legs
🔘 Burn Fat Logic Waist
🔘 Tighten Skin Thighs

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Why You should buy an Icon brand treadmill

Run continuously up to 5 hours

USA AC Motor Greatwall

Internal cooling in motor to increase endurance

3 Years warranty or 10'000 km run

Diamond high endurance strap

Absorption system shock absorbers for the convenience of the knee

Multi running systems

Containing all the luxuries and options

Inverter system to protect the motor from power fluctuation


We are providing many extra services for our clients..

Installment SystemYou can choose to pay cash or through installments and flexible payment systems

Home DeliveryWe deliver the product to your home or place of installation carefully by our car.

Pay Using Credit Card In Your PlaceYou can pay the value of the product or installments using your credit card in your place

Free Maintenance for 3 Months Free maintenancefor for the first three months from the date of installation

Place Your Order By PhoneYou can make your purchase through phone, and we will deliver the product to your place

Free Assembling At Your HomeProducts that require complex assembly we send specialized technicians to assemble the product and show you how to use it

Try It In Our ShowroomYou can visit our showrooms to experience it for yourself before you buy it and ensure its quality and relevance to you

Free Gifts With Your OrderGet free gifts with every purchase you make

* Not necessarily provide all of these services with all products. In the product detail page you will find the services that are offered with the actual product.
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